Have you ever seen an typo on the web?

Don’t you just wish you could select the text and fix it for the author?

Well — now you can!


Crowdspell is a free and small script that allows the reader of an article to correct a typo very easily and quickly.

Crowdspell works like this:

#1 The reader or visitor discovers a typo.

#2 The reader selects the affected word(s).

#3 The reader clicks on the CrowdSpell bubble that now appears and corrects the typo.

#5 The blogger/site owner gets notified of the error:

  • At what URL
  • The affected word(s)
  • The correction
  • Some context

Try it on this site. Select any text.

Do you like it? Well here's the two lines of code you want to add to your site:

Some crowdspell css:
        <link href="http://crowdspell.se/crowdspell.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
And then just one script tag:
        <script async src="http://crowdspell.se/crowdspell.min.js" id="crowdspell" data-apikey="253a4215-e516-41b4-b66f-66e4f6c804f3"></script>

These scripts are available as open source.

Notice that API key?

Right. So you need an API-key in order for me to send you notifications.

The good news? It takes about 10 seconds and it's 100% free to get one.

Get your API key here:

I just want to confirm that the email that will be notified really belongs to you so that you're not doing any shenanigans.

(I promise to keep it safe and only use it to send notifications)
Sorry, but please enter your email adress before you generate your API key.
Your API Key:
Please note: I've sent you an email with a confirmation link that you have to click on before your key will work.
Something went No No during the request :(

Upcoming features

I will strive to keep all issues and release notes fresh on the Github Repo for the crowdspell client. But in the mean time, this is some of the features I want to implement.

  • TLS/SSL support
  • Digest emails instead of push
  • Light/White Client Theme
  • Customizable texts
  • Selector filter so that you can control where the Crowdspell bubble will pop up
  • HTTP referer validation to avoid people using others API-key
  • Reporter identification. Add option to include your email/Twitter account when reporting errors

Built by Anders Åberg

If you'd like to tell me something, fire a message to @bigcheeseanders or [email protected]

Have a pleasant day!

ps. If you're a developer who sometimes pastes code to markdown, you should check out my tool to convert tabs to spaces